Video calling

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what ?

Due to the flare-ups of COVID-19, face-to-face contacts between care provider and client are not always possible. Sometimes the necessary contacts with the care provider can be continued via video calling.

HERMESplus therefore wants to support care providers who want to use video calling for clients with a psychological vulnerability who do not have the options (infrastructure or knowledge).


The network makes laptops available to organizations that want to develop this methodology. Training is also provided in the handling of this tool.
Participation via 0475 74 17 57


The network makes PCs available to organizations that give them to those persons that might benefit from this additional medium.

about video calling

The organization also determines itself under which conditions this material is made available to the person. HERMESplus charges 100 € / year for this. This money is reinvested in this activity.

Via a short video in French, English or Dutch, we offer a simple explanation of how video calling is used safely. We send this video to the care provider by e-mail and can be viewed on a video platform. The care provider can then – if necessary – review this video with the person.

  • HERMESplus makes several laptops available to the care provider for clients with a psychological vulnerability.
  • For the care provider we also have a clear digital brochure about the use of video calling in care provision.
  • As a care provider you participate in the neighborhood consultation “GGZ – signal function” or you work in the activity zone of the network HERMESplus (municipality Anderlecht, Sint-Joost-ten Node, 1000 Brussels, Laag-Molenbeek).
  • Video and brochure are available free of charge. For the laptop we ask a deposit of 100 € In consultation with the care provider who wants to use this service, a process is tailored re. the duration of use or additional questions.
  • This project is realized with the support of the Fund Dr. Daniël De Coninck, The crucial role of primary care in the COVID-19 crisis, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.