MOVEOplus – mobile long-term care

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what ?

MOVEOplus is one of the four mobile teams recognized by the Federal Government.
The objective of the mobile team MOVEOplus is to provide mobile care to people with severe psychological complaints. Organizing shared care supports the person in living independently and contributes to his social integration and rehabilitation.

how ?

The mobile team can be contacted by anyone. Residential organizations as well as initiatives from primary care or family members can apply.
Requests for cooperation are made by email. In this e-mail you indicate how we can get in touch with you. Please also mention the municipality where the person is staying. Following this registration, we propose a contact to discuss the registration with the applicant and the person.
[email protected]


MOVEOplus assumes that the person or organization submitting the application will continue to be involved in long-term care. To clarify this, we provide a first meeting with the client and the person making the request. The purpose of this conversation is to have clarity about the mutual expectations and the respective commitments. The information obtained in this way should make it possible for our partners to have an idea of what care is needed, and which organizations that can be involved in a model of shared care.


The platform’s scope is limited to the municipalities of Anderlecht, Brussels 1000 and part of Molenbeek.

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