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what ?

Education and employment contribute to social integration despite psychological difficulties. Job coaches help to get to know and develop their own capabilities better. Based on this, a targeted search can be made for additional training or employment.

how ?

After telephone contact you will be invited to meet employees. At the start you are in contact with 2 people


HERMESplus can propose a job coach via European funds to persons with psychological problems who wish to receive training or who are looking for employment. To this end, the network is part of a broader partnership of organizations that focus on target groups that are characterized by specific problems that make it difficult to find employment.

A network of job coaches is targeting people who are not eligible for benefits through Actiris.


Brussels Capital Region

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Who are the partners?
OCMW Brussel, HERMESplus, De Overmolen, CAW Brussel, asbl L’equipe, Groep Intro

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