First Line Psychologists

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what ?

Easily accessible first-line psychological healthcare in your neighbourhood

how ?

Everyone has the right to access psychological care as soon as the need arises. Access should be easy and available as soon as possible.
This is why INAMI (the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) takes in charge the most important part of the price for sessions held by psychologists who signed the “first line psychological healthcare” convention. These psychologists are available near you, not only in their usual consultation spaces but also in places that you frequently visit.
You should have regular Belgian healthcare insurance in order to benefit from this reimbursement scheme. There are no other administrative steps to take. Contact a psychologist on one of the lists you can find on and take a document with your national number (e.g. ID card) to the appointments. Do check the languages spoken by the psychologists on the list. They can also ask for an interpreter.


The first session is free of charge. For the next ones, you pay 11€ per individual session (4€ for those entitled to the increased allowance) and 2.5€ per group session.


First-line psychologists (FLP) work throughout the Brussels Region. Below is a map indicating primary care psychologists who only work with adults (in blue) and psychologists who work with children and young people (in yellow). Most of the latter also work with adults.

You will find the complete contact details of the Brussels psychologists on

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You can find more information about FLP on the INAMI patient webpage: Primary and specialized psychological care in a network for mental health care : Eerstelijns en gespecialiseerde psychologische zorg in een netwerk voor geestelijke gezondheidszorg (or on this link in French) and for the Brussels region on