Unmet Need

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what ?

I am an employee in the home and homelessness sector and I am looking for support for a person in poor housing with complex psychiatric problems.


Unmet Need works with people in poor housing with complex psychiatric problems, with the aim of meeting their needs and surrounding them with an appropriate support network.

The aim is to support beneficiaries in two ways: case management and consultation. These methods are used to make clear agreements together about the objectives of the person and the expectations of the professionals.

The employees are multilingual. They can work in Dutch, French, English and Polish (for other languages, the team will use interpreters to ensure communication with the person).

The organized accompaniments are not limited in time, in order to respect the rhythm of the person concerned and to leave them with the decision-making power, without impairing the work.

how ?

An initial telephone interview will be organized to discuss the application.

Contact :
Phone: Marian Lasak: 0474/57.22.13 & Odile Marchand: 0475/94.22.99 Email: [email protected]


The target group is mobile in public space and therefore dependent on the vagaries of daily life. To deal with this mobility, the Unmet Need team works in all 19 Brussels municipalities.


UNMET NEED is recognized and subsidized by Iriscare as a psychiatric home care project. The project is part of the Psychiatric Home Care; PsyCoT and the HERMES therapeutic project.

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