Unmet Need

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what ?

Unmet Need works with people in poor housing with complex psychiatric problems, with the aim of meeting their needs and surrounding them with an appropriate support network. The objective is to support beneficiaries through two methods: case management and consultation. These methods are used in order to agree together on clear provisions with regard to the objectives of the person and the expectations of the professionals.


The follow-up is organized at the request of the workers involved in the care of the person who corresponds to the profile, and always with the latter’s agreement.

Case management implies that the worker occupies a central position in the co-organization of support. He is the one who coordinates everything, but also the one who guarantees the continuity of care if it takes place at different times. The activities of the worker are very diverse. These include coordination, mediation, guidance, advocacy, psycho-social support, counselling, etc. This is a method that should contribute to concerted and coordinated care with the person.

Consultation is a tool that aims to structure and sustain the help and care already provided. The help or care offered is provided by different structures from different sectors. Both the content of the care offered and its organization are the subject of coordination meetings with the care providers concerned. The beneficiary formally accepts the holding of these meetings and attends them. These meetings bring together between 2 and 9 caregivers from the psycho-medico-social sector.

The employees are multilingual. They can work in Dutch, French, English and Polish.

The guidance organized is not limited in time, in order to respect the rhythm of the person concerned and to leave him his decision-making power, without weakening the work.

how ?

A first telephone or physical interview is organized to study the request. Contact :
Telephone: Marian Lasak: 0474/57.22.13 & Odile Marchand: 0475/94.22.99 Email: [email protected]


The target audience is mobile in the public space depending on the vagaries of daily life. To operate with this mobility, the Unmet Need team works in all 19 municipalities of Brussels.

about Unmet Need

Unmet Need is recognized and subsidized as a psychiatric home care project by Iriscare. The project is part of the “Psychiatric Home Care; PsyCoT” and the therapeutic project “HERMES”.