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what ?

With the Switch project, the HERMESplus network is organising the possibility of immersions or work experience placements in facilities for people with severe and long-term psychiatric problems.

Several partners of the network are willing to host persons wishing to do a short internship in their organisation.

who ?

All Brussels-based organisations offering assistance/care for people with severe and long-term psychiatric problems can participate.

how ?

The host organisation determines the conditions of the internship: in which department(s) or for which activity in the organisation, duration of the internship, when, how many people, ….

The trainee employee signs the professional secrecy protocol.

The organisations and associated procedure and documents are available below.

At the end of the supervised internship, there is an opportunity for participants to participate in feedback to check the achievement of goals. This feedback opportunity is organised by the HERMESplus network.

Immersions in the field of organisations with the aim of promoting continuity of care for persons in need of long-term psychiatric care.

info host organisation

Complete the host form and submit it to [email protected]

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evaluation immersion

Complete the evaluationform and submit it to [email protected]