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Antonin Artaud – mental health service

The non-profit organisation Antonin Artaud  has been recognized as a mental health service since 1989.

In recent years, the evolution of the service has been characterized by a focus on care for clients with chronic and complex psychiatric difficulties, which very often also involve very serious social problems.
We are also increasingly successful in making the range of the service broader and more refined.
The team’s sustained concern to tailor care to the implicit and explicit needs of clients characterizes the organization.

Recently we have also been able to continue working on expanding the offer, which in our view represents a necessary addition to the care offered by the service in the field of consultation and social work. The availability of well-trained employees in the method of consultation, the experiences in developing networking, and the possibility to develop the concept of Sheltered Living are valuable complementary experiences for a team. They contribute to the development of an ambulatory service that offers itself without time restriction to persons from a Mental Health Service and goes beyond consultation, medication and social work, but must take into account housing, activity and facilitating contact.

Responding to the initiatives of the Federal Government to limit hospitalization, both in number and duration, new insights and ambitions have grown in the short and long term. The development of a community-oriented care model in the operating area is currently an important ambition.

Read the 2020 annual report in Dutch or in French for more information

Antonin Artaud MHS

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